Briefs, Bottles, and Barbells


Have you ever seen this before? It is one of my favorite motivational photos because it can apply so uniquely to each individual person. We all need to stop living in fear. Fear of rejection, of failure, of loss…whatever the case may be, I can promise that something so much greater is on the other side of that fear.

I used to be one of those people. After I had my first child and so quickly became pregnant with my second, I became overwrought with the idea of ruining their lives. (Sorry for the melodrama, but that’s the way I felt.) It suddenly slammed into me like a truck, knowing that every decision I made somehow effected their lives. And that’s sort of terrifying, right? We all have some sort of “tick” from the consequences of our parents’ choices, whether good or bad, and for some reason it never occurred…

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